Captain Bartholomew Roberts
Considered by the author to be her Magnum Opus, this is her last effort. Just Released

This work, A suspense packed high seas adventure, the telling of which personifies the essence of a STALWART man; even though, to some, he may only be a Pirate, is sure to satisfy even the most ravenous appetite.

Synopsis:    The first part of this book, ‘Bolt of Fruition,’ is set in Little Haven, Wales, circa 2003.   Pirate Captain, Bartholomew Roberts, as a ghost, resides within the gothic bed & breakfast owned by a woman who’s in love with him.   As a result of her unwavering devotion, the Captain’s cells are rejuvenated, which inadvertently, in giving him life once again, provides a means for the officious fanatic who failed previously a new opportunity to seize Captain Roberts’ soul.
To satisfy Lucifer’s insatiable thrill for adventure, the second part of this book, ‘Willing Captive,’ hurls our heroine, back in time to the Golden Age of Piracy a short 18 months before John Bartholomew Roberts came into his own as the most successful pirate in history.   Meeting Lucifer upon her arrival, our heroine, taking the place of her ancestor, a French Aristocrat of Welsh/French descent (a true-life person), is told that the her only hope to save the life of her beloved pirate captain, although he knows her not, is to somehow meet and win his true heart. In order to achieve her goal, the single-minded nonconformist, Marquise d’Éperon-noire; both wealthy and beautiful, as well as a high-minded, gusty, yet ever feminine aristocrat heroine who employs unorthodox methods, repeatedly risks both imprisonment and death to live happily ever after with the seemingly unattainable paragon of virtue, pirate Captain Bartholomew Roberts.

Table Of Contents          Sample Chapters - Book 1: Chapter 1 , Chapter 5 , Chapter 12 , Chapter 15          Sample Chapters - Book 2: Chapter 1 , Chapter 4 , Chapter 10 , Chapter 17

Except for chapter 17, the Sample Chapters were created by creating a pdf from the individual pages.          Book 2: Chapter 1 is preceded by the last page of Book 1.

BLURB: Their passion raged on as their lovemaking grew with the fury of a relentless storm; the time they shared did nothing to cool the fire that burned within each time they touched, and as was as fresh and new as the morning itself, each day held a glorious promise of an undying future.

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Synopsis: The book, "Captain Bartholomew Roberts, A Pyrates Journal," altho' originally released in typeset, is presented here as photocopies of the Originally written; with a quill on parchment.   Traditional paper format is available at Ebay, Amazon, Barnes Noble, and other online stores.   It can also be ordered from most brick and mortar book stores.

Sample Pages: page 17 , page 18 , page 46 , page 47 , page 127 , page 166 , page 167 , page 173 , page 201 , page 237 , page 238 , page 269 , page 270

Chapter One of Book One includes the Forward & the With Special Thanks To pages.
Chapter One of Book Two includes the Notation page. Also in this section are the 2 pages regarding our heroine's lineage.
ALL 3 of Mrs. Roberts books contain about 30 pages of reference material.

Synopsis: "The True Adventures of That Great Pirate, Bartholomew Roberts," is a reiteration of the Personal Journal presented not only in prose, but updated from late early modern English to reflect the current era, to purposely provide easier comprehension for either the younger set &/or those not acquainted with early forms of writing.   Traditional paper format is available at Ebay, Amazon and at this website.

Sample Pages: page 15 , page 18 , page 27 , page 32 , page 48 , page 50 , page 57 , page 60 , page 64 , page 69 , page 76 , page 77 , page 87 , page 93 , page 96

*L@@K:   For the packages that come with EXTRAS, they are: a Copy of Captain Roberts’ Articles, and a color 8’’x10’’ picture, both suitable for framing; and one of Captain Bartholomew Roberts’ 2 Flags (3’x5’). Also included within the realm of extras in a special folder on the storage device, I am (to the first 100 buyers) is as selection of books on pirates at least 100 years old; all are scanned copies made from the oldest copies of the books I could find.   Following this same methodology, the above stated folder contains a variety of history books, e.g. the also Epistolary Structured "Naval History Of Great Britain - Dr John Campbell 1813," which contains information (narratives) about Captain Roberts, "A General History Of Pirates - Charles Johnson 1724" , "Under The Banner Of King Death: The Social World Of Anglo-American Pirates 1716 to 1726," as well as a few well-chosen classics. To see the list of the Extra PDFs CLICK HERE.

This site is not just a collection of facts that are easily found in public domain, but the painstakingly gathered research in search of a Great Man, Captain John Bartholomew Roberts, placed here solely for his benefit; To Set The Record Straight, via the telling of his memoirs wherein it is variably it is written, be it in Prose, a Narrative, or Journal.
It is very important to this webmaster/creator/author, author & the Captain himself, that the facts be told, together with as much realism & excitement as possible without any ill telling of the truth, any so described as stated as such, and done so for the express purpose to make it memorable to the reader, tho’ none will be found here.

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